Our Mission: Unite believers around the world, equip them with a strategic plan and resources, mobilize them to work together, and take specific actions to serve and glorify Jesus Christ.

Did You Know?

Did you know that there are groups of people that have unified, are well-financed, and are passionately working together as a single determined voice to advance the agenda of a Godless society? In order to marginalize Christians, this small group sent out over ONE BILLION targeted messages last year using social media, the press, movies & television, blogs, music, and more. Their goals are to belittle the Bible and its teachings, attack religious liberty, and condemn Christians by portraying us as bigots and haters.

What are WE Going to Do?

The Jesus Alliance has set a goal to deliver ONE BILLION messages of our own and we need your help to do it! Every 6-8 weeks we will release a new video that addresses an issue that we face in the world today. Our goal is simply to address each topic just as Jesus would – with BOTH love and truth. Each video will include a call-to-action on how you can make a difference. Will you join us?

What can you do?

Every Christian can participate in this movement

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