Jesus Lives Through Us.

Our vision is a thriving community of like-minded people that support and celebrate one another and the work each is doing to make a difference. We want the community to be a place where people can connect with others who have similar giftings and interests, want to make a difference in the same ways or same communities, and where they can collaborate with partners and individuals that want to help.

For Individuals:

You have a unique purpose and unique giftings. We want to enable every member of the body to do their part in sharing Jesus with the world. We want to enable every member to live “all in.”

For Partners:

We are a network of like-hearted partners that work together to mobilize the body and share Jesus with the world. As we understand the mission and needs of each alliance partner, we serve as a conduit to effectively meeting one another’s needs—allowing every partner to fulfill their purpose while collectively advancing the kingdom of God.


The Jesus Alliance was founded by Christian and entrepreneur Bob Williamson in 2012 after the Lord gave him the vision to unite, equip, and mobilize Christians to take action.

“I had just started enjoying retirement when the Lord put it on my heart to go back to work to unite the body of believers to spread hope and disciple the nations,” said Williamson, chairman emeritus of the Jesus Alliance. “We grew the ministry to over 570,000 Facebook followers and continue to reach millions of people with messages of truth, but were never really able to provide a way for people to go out and take action.”

Around the same time, in Louisiana, Michael Phillips left a successful business to launch the All In Movement, a ministry focused on encouraging Christians to live their purpose. All In initially launched its Needserv app to facilitate acts of service through a #DoGoodFriday campaign with Governor Mike Huckabee in 2015. The ministry was later renamed Needserv when its founders realized that service could be a vehicle to attract the children of God and enable them to be a demonstration of His love to others every day. The Needserv app has since been refined to help facilitate partnerships with local churches, businesses, and nonprofits to meet the needs of PEOPLE within their communities.

“Both organizations have always shared the belief that by forming partnerships and alliances and giving people a way to take action, we can more effectively make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ,” said Phillips. “This merger is a logical path to increase the impact of our ministry. We are an Alliance of partners sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through service.”