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Featured Difference Maker: Steven Richardson

Steven Richardson’s early life was admittedly crazy. He started taking drugs in his sophomore year of high school. He continued that lifestyle into and through the military as well as two failed marriages. The next 13 years he spent on a Harley Davidson living for wine, women, and drugs. It was in that lifestyle that he acquired a cocaine habit and a lot of enemies to the point that he knew something had to change dramatically.

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Featured Video: HOPE

In the midst of the natural disasters happening right now, all over our world, may we remember to trust ​God​ in the midst of horrendous devastation. ​

In an interview on, Dr. Lutzer​ says that​ ​”n​atural disasters are a megaphone from God and they teach us various lessons. First of all, natural disasters show us the uncertainty of life.​”​

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