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Shifting sands

Shifting sands Many of my friends harassed me throughout the summer about the heat and humidity at my home in south Florida. They bragged about their mountain views, cool evenings, and crackling fires and asked if I was sweating. It seems that now the temperatures are...

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iVoter Guide – Your tool for the polls

iVoter Guide - Your tool for the polls   We don't know about you, but we're ready for this political season to be past us.  It sure doesn't bring out the best of any side of the isle. However, what a privilege it is for us to have the freedom to go out and vote! ...

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The real tragedy revealed

The real tragedy revealed Recently I called a Christian friend and inquired if he could ask his foreman to make a few calls and see if he could help me find someone to clean up the hurricane damage at my plantation. I had one tree down and some limbs and debris that...

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A Post-Hurricane Song About Faith

A Post-Hurricane Song About Faith   Our brothers and sisters in the south are still struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. The loss is incomprehensible. A young man in the Florida Panhandle wrote a song about the faith needed to cope with a disaster...

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