What Now for Iraqi Christians Forced to Flee Their Homes

4 years ago | Christian Persecution

An excerpt from OpenDoorsUSA.org, “Christians have lived in Iraq for two millennia but are currently on the verge of extinction. Many have fled areas controlled by IS and other Islamic extremists. The overall persecution situation in Iraq is characterized by impunity, the threat of attacks and second class treatment by the authorities. Historical Christian communities and Protestant Christian communities are seriously affected by persecution, especially from radical Islamic movements, authorities and non-Christian leaders.”

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To save their lives, Iraqi Christians fled to safety, while their homes and villages were destroyed by Islamic State.  Some never made it out.  Despite this persecution, the U.N. has continued to refuse to say that these Christians are victims of genocide.

Circa.com reported the account of Father Emanuel Adel Kallo, a Syrian Catholic priest “who negotiated directly with ISIS over the fate of the 1,000 Christians left in Mosul 2014, says offers to pay a tax were a ploy.

“They controlled us. They could have taken our women, or killed us, or forced us to leave our Christianity and to join their religion. This is one of the things we refused to do,” Emanuel said.

His fears weren’t unfounded. A price list circulated among ISIS fighters for Yazidi and Christian sex slaves was later authenticated by the United Nations special envoy on sexual violence in conflict.

“To say, ‘these people didn’t suffer genocide because they offered this thing that never materialized and was totally mis-defined,’ is just insult to injury,” Andrew Walther, Vice President of Communications and Strategic Planning at the Knights of Columbus, said.”

Look into the eyes off these ISIS survivors and demand world leaders declare Christians are victims of genocide.


Video credit – “Open Doors USA”​


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