Astonishing View Into the Womb

3 years ago | Life, Technology

Human life is such an amazing thing. Watch the baby, at just 20 weeks, stretch and move in its mother.
We often take for granted that each of us were once just like the baby in this video, and that, even then, God knew us!.

This amazing video of a baby in the womb was shared by British pregnancy & parenting blogging/vlogging community ChannelMum. The organization responsible for the video, iFind, is a project led by the King’s College in London. iFind is striving to revolutionize fetal imaging by developing an intuitive ultrasound with several robotic probes, as opposed to just one probe like a regular ultrasound.

Seeing this video leaves no doubt that life begins at conception.
There are groups that offer compassion, hope, and help to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies.

Click here for realistic alternatives and Christ-centered support through a life-affirming network


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