25 Facts You Didn’t Know About Human Trafficking

2 years ago | Human Trafficking

The video below is a good overview of human trafficking as we launch into this month’s Issue in Focus.  Human Trafficking is the third largest illicit industry in the world with estimated profits at 150 billion dollars per year according to the International Labor Organization.

The Jesus Alliance is writing legislation that will make the rape and exploitation of children a federal crime.  Today, the punishment for the consumer of these heinous acts varies from state to state and can be as little as a fine and some.  Our goal is to drastically punish the people paying for the use of these exploited children, whether it be pornography or sex.  The formula we see is a simple supply and demand equation: increase the severity of the consequences, decrease the demand and eventually diminish the supply.

Video Courtesy of List25

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We need people who can help us write legislation.  If you have experience in this, please contact us.

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