A Christian Harvard Graduate’s Must-See Documentary on the Evil of George Soros

5 years ago | Faith, Politics, U.S. News

There is a very deliberate anti-Christianity agenda being driven by progressives and backed by George Soros. The mainstream media, fed by politicians, Hollywood elites, assorted famous athletes, academia, social media, and the list goes on, all attack like savage wolves.

This video documentary was researched and produced by a Christian Harvard graduate and details the extent of damage being caused by the “savage wolves” attacking our faith and society. The preferred approach of these “savage wolves” is the Genesis 3 attack which twists God’s Word in order to shift the focus away from Christ and onto man and his works. This has been Satan’s modus operandi from the beginning.

Most of the organized groups like Moveon.org, Media Matters, Black Lives Matter, and the like are supported by the Open Society Foundations founded and financed by George Soros with a war chest that exceeds $13 billion. They finance organized protests and marches, many of which turn into violent scenes with extensive destruction of property.

Please take the time to watch this video and then share this post with everyone you know. An educated understanding of the truth is the best means to defeating the evil that is trying to extinguish the light of God’s loving mercy.


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