Life-Saving Lessons From Human Trafficking Stories Trending This Week

4 years ago | Human Trafficking

These are three trending stories this week; two from moms who felt their children were targeted for trafficking, and one from a flight attendant who saved a teenage girl from trafficking. The lessons you can learn from these stories are invaluable and need to be shared.

The Ikea post was made by Diandra Toyos on her Facebook account on March 27 and was an account of an incident in a southern California store a few days earlier where she, her mother, and her three young children were followed by two suspicious men. She noticed things were not right, and has made a list of what caregivers should keep an eye out for. Watch an interview with Toyos here:

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Another incident involved a mom, Amanda Cropsey Florczykowski, and her two-year old daughter at a store in Longview, Texas in February. She posted of her eyebrow-raising account and the warning signs that she noticed.

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A third big trafficking story trending this week is actually a teenage girl’s rescue several years ago, but the lessons are still very relevant today. In the video below, a flight attendant recalls what she saw in the eyes of that girl that day and how she managed to get a secret message to her, all the while the captor sat close by.

Flight Attendants serve among the front line of defense for being some of the first to have an opportunity to identify human trafficking victims. Airline Ambassadors International has a human trafficking awareness program and campaign helping to educate flight attendants and passengers alike.

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