Stop the Exploitation of Children Using Basic Economics

3 years ago | Human Trafficking

It’s basic supply and demand.

There are already thousands of groups fighting against the human traffickers who supply children.  Yet, human trafficking is the fastest growing crime.  As long as there is a demand, and money to be made, there will be someone out there to exploit children.

The root of the problem is the consumer.  This video has some disturbing facts, but is the essence of what the Jesus Alliance is working to do.

The animals who buy the children are rarely convicted, and when they are, they serve minimal sentences dependent upon the state in which they live.

The Jesus Alliance is headed to Washington next week to meet with legislators, policy makers, and media.  The crime of buying children for the purpose of raping them should be rated as a federal crime instead of state.  This would provide sentencing that is the same across the United States with sentencing guidelines so stringent that demand is reduced to the level that only the most perverted would chance it.

If there is no demand, there are no victims, pimps, forced abortions, dorced drug addictions, or young children dying far too young after living horrific lives.


What you do next makes a difference . . .

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