Crazy Woman? No! RFID Chip Extracted from Sex Trafficking Victim

3 years ago | Human Trafficking

An April 7 article published on recently brought to light the use of tracking devices on victims of human trafficking.  A doctor came forward late last year with information that a woman had come into the ER claiming she had an RFID chip in her. Sure enough, embedded in her side, was a tracking device, just like one that would be used in a pet.

The article goes on to say, “she was forced into the world of sex trafficking by her boyfriend, who was acting as her pimp. He chipped her to ensure her compliance, forcing her to sell her body for sex and then give him the money. This isn’t an unusual practice, either, as many industries, from prostitution to manufacturing to domestic service, will chip their “employees.” (source).”

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Human Trafficking and protecting our children is an “Issue in Focus” for ​The Jesus Alliance.  Next week, the founder will travel to Washington D.C. to meet with legislators and the media to bring more awareness to this growing issue and work to get legislation passed so that the buyers of children face severe federal punishment.


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