The Thing That Made Elizabeth Smart’s “Living Hell…Worse”

5 years ago | Protect Our Children

Fifteen years ago, Elizabeth Smart became a household name. The 14-year-old was kidnapped in the middle of the night, with a knife to her throat, after a bearded man cut a screen in the bedroom window of her home in an upscale Salt Lake City neighborhood while her family slept.

The captor brought brought Elizabeth to a camp in the Utah mountains where her nightmare continued for nine months. In an interview with Fight the New Drug, Elizabeth opens up for the first time about the role pornography played in her abuse. Her captor had a distorted view of sex, made worse by pornography, and when he couldn’t get satisfied by his wife, he went out to find a fix in the young Elizabeth Smart.

Be sure to watch this powerful story told with grace and courage.

Video Credit : “Fight the New Drug”


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