Video: U.S. Hero Narrowly Escapes ISIS Gunfire to Save Child

Christian humanitarian aid worker with the Free Burma Rangers, David Eubank, says, “God opened a way” for him and his team to make a daring rescue earlier in June and the heart-stopping scene is on video.  The former U.S. Special Operative dodged ISIS sniper bullets to save a young Iraqi girl.  Watch the footage as his team fires back at ISIS as he makes the rescue.

“ISIS fire was intense as we approached the huddled group of three survivors,” Eubank wrote in an Instagram post, CBN News reported.

In a Christian Post article, Eubank’s accounts, “We got there and a guy came crying, crying, he said, ‘My daughter was shot in front of me, her head was blown off​.'”​

He said what he saw was horrific: At least 50 bodies on the ground, people trying to flee who were massacred by ISIS militants.

David Eubank moved his wife and children to Iraq to work on this latest mission.  More than 300,000 civilians are trapped in Mosul.  ISIS has used the civilians as human shields to prevent Iraqi and U.S. forces from launching airstrikes.


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