Evangelism Linebacker

4 years ago | Humor

Derwin Gray is a man of great passion. For six seasons in the NFL he played with a contagious passion that led to two Pro Bowl nominations. He has communicated the Gospel of Grace around America and abroad with an intense passion that is both contagious and inspiring. This hilarious Evangelism Linebacker video is a must-watch!

Derwin is the Lead Pastor of Transformation Church in South Carolina. Coupling his dynamic speaking style with a shepherd’s heart, his intense passion for seeing lives and culture transformed is both contagious and inspiring.

Dewey is a 2004 graduate of the Billy Graham Institute of Emerging Evangelists and a graduate (with honors) of Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he is being mentored by world-renowned theologian, philosopher, and apologist Norman L. Geisler.

Sources: Race2TheRapture and www.DerwinLGray.com

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