Miraculous Reversal of Brain Damage for Toddler Who Nearly Died from Drowning

5 years ago | Faith, Miracles, Science

​In what some are considering a world’s first, an MRI scan of two-year-old​, ​Eden Carlson​, showed nearly a full reversal of the brain damage suffered from a near-drowning accident.

Eden made it around the safety gate and into the family’s pool where she was submerged for up to 15 minutes. When she was found, her heart did not beat on its own for two hours, and when it finally did, doctors didn’t think she would ever move, eat, or talk again.

Eden’s desperate parents researched alternative treatment options and found Dr. Paul Harch in New Orleans and his oxygen therapy program. ​Eden was eventually put in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for dozens and dozens of treatments. The change in the toddler was almost immediate. Today, she is a normal three year old.

​”​Researchers believe the oxygen therapy, coupled with Eden having the developing brain of a child, had activated genes that promote cell survival and reduce inflammation—allowing the brain to recover​,” and article said on CNN.com.​


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