Listening to the Voice of God…in Walmart

4 years ago | Faith, Feel Good

You’re a 20-year old college student working as a cashier at Walmart in Oklahoma and a woman in line is juggling three hyper children who are making loading the groceries onto the belt a difficult task.

You make a sympathetic comment and she explains she is a new foster mother. She apologizes when she hands the WIC card to you and says she has never used one before. She was given this card to pay for food, but some of the purchases are not clearing, including the $60 of baby formula. Aside from call a manager, what do you do?

Listen to God.

This is exactly what happened recently in Nicholas Tate’s check out line. The student at Austin Bible Institute said that in the midst of the chaos, he clearly heard the voice of God tell him to pay the $60 charge.

The inspiring story on Todd Starnes’s website quotes Tate as saying, “When God tells me to do something, I do it. God told me, ‘I put you in this place at the right time and I knew you were ready for this – to pay for this. So without hesitation, I pulled my card out and swiped it.”

The foster mom had been so emotional that she left without properly thanking Tate, so she made a post on Facebook which quickly spread around the community. Soon, news stations were seeking Tate out for interviews.

“It’s not what I did,” Nicholas Tate told Todd Starnes. “It’s what God did through something so small. He took something so small and He glorified his name with it.”

Tate is saving to move to Honduras as a missionary. You can support his effort here.


What you do next makes a difference . . .

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