Pre-Super Bowl Sweep Takes Down 43 on Child Sex Trafficking Charges

The Star Tribune reported today that a sting took down 43 on felony child sex trafficking charges in Minneapolis leading up to the Super Bowl.

Authorities trolled through social media platforms in the nine days leading up to Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis. Undercover officers chatted with suspects, and authorities arrested those who arrived at an arranged meeting place for an encounter, the BCA said Wednesday.

“Now that the Super Bowl is past, these arrests should serve as a stark reminder that what drives the exploitation and trafficking of vulnerable people is the demand,” Ramsey County Attorney John Choi said in a prepared statement. “Notably, as shown by these arrests, the demand is a local problem and involves men from our own community who want to exploit very young girls and boys.”

A key initiative of the Jesus Alliance is stopping child rape by extinguishing the demand through awareness, legislative and policy changes, training, and harsher sentencing.


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