Cosmopolitan Magazine Promotes Harmful Behavior to Youth

An article by Dr. Judith Reisman, founder and director of the Child Protection Institute, and Liberty Counsel’s Senior Litigation Counsel Mary McAlister reveals how Cosmopolitan magazine promotes early sexual activity which leads to disease and depression in youth.

The Journal of Law and Social Deviance, a peer-reviewed journal affiliated with Florida International University, recently published the article, “The ‘Cosmo Girl’ Invades Middle Schools: Grooming Girls for Disease and Depression.” Reisman and McAlister describe how Cosmopolitan, supposedly aimed at adult women, in fact uses teen television stars and other celebrities on its covers and in feature interviews to lure tween and teen girls (ages 10 to 17) to purchase the salacious magazine. For example, some of the magazine covers feature well-known Disney film and television stars juxtaposed with sexually explicit titles.

The tweens and teens are then exposed to and assimilate the sexually explicit content, some of which is described in the article, which encourages them to be promiscuous and engage in activities that cause physical, mental and emotional harm as well as grooming them for sexual exploitation. The authors also cite Dr. Meg Meeker, a pediatrician who has observed in patients that early sexual activity creates trauma, emotional turmoil and psychological distress during a developmental stage when minors are already experiencing confusing emotional and hormonal changes. This behavior often leads to sexually transmitted diseases, depression and suicide.

In fact, much of the content in Cosmopolitan would be regarded as “harmful to minors” under state laws, meaning that those who make the magazine available to children under age 18 could face criminal charges.

The Day of Purity is an annual world-wide project led by Liberty Counsel to promote purity and respect. It encourages and celebrates young people who choose to save sexual intimacy for marriage. Students are specifically encouraged to wear white on February 14th to help promote abstinence and inspire young people to look past casual sex to lifetime intimacy.

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