Watch Miracle Story of Former L.A. Dodger GM’s Son

Kevin Malone spent 17 years in Major League Baseball, much of that time as a VP/General Manager. He ended his career in Los Angeles as EVP/GM of the L.A. Dodgers.

He became an ardent follower of Jesus which was reinforced in 2013, when God performed a miracle and brought his 23 year old son back to life after he had overdosed. He and his friend, Francis Chan, and film director, Brian Ivie, made a short film (20 minutes) about the amazing mercy and grace of God. The film is currently in five languages and the Lord Jesus is using it to bring many to saving faith.

In the film, Kevin’s wife stated that she did not want their son to die without knowing Jesus and she prayed without ceasing for the opportunity to tell him about Jesus. Even though he was on life support and the doctors told them he had died, they kept praying for months refusing to pull the plug. Kevin prayed so hard he was nearly hysterical crying out to God. Finally, his prayers were answered. His son has made a remarkable recovery and the video will surely bring tears to your eyes at how he has turned to Christ. Kevin retired after this incident is now in fulltime ministry and is focusing on ending the demand for child sex trafficking among other things. God is using the entire family for His purpose in a mighty way.

Remain faithful dear friends and keep praying.


What you do next makes a difference . . .

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