Prophecy or common sense?

I’ve warned readers on several occasions that a determined attempt will be made to try and portray pedophilia as being nothing more than a natural sexual orientation and should be decriminalized. Watch this video and see my prophecy become reality.

During a TEDx Talk, Mirjam Heine from the University of Würzburg claimed “According to current research, pedophilia is an unchangeable sexual orientation, just like, for example, heterosexuality. No one chooses to be a pedophile. No one can cease being one. The difference between pedophilia and other sexual orientations is that, living out this sexual orientation will end in a disaster . . . It is our responsibility to overcome our negative feelings about pedophiles. And to treat them with the same respect we treat other people. We should accept that pedophiles are people who have not chosen their sexuality . . . We should accept that pedophilia is a sexual preference, a thought, a feeling, and not an act. We should differentiate between child sexual abuse and pedophilia. We shouldn’t increase the suffering of pedophiles by excluding them, by blaming and mocking them.”

We should accept it as a sexual preference??? It is our responsibility to overcome our negative feelings for pedophiles???

Oh brother!

Actually, my warnings have not been prophecy. No, it’s just common sense and watching history. Sexual deviates trying to justify their perversion of having sex with a child is progressing in the same manner that other immoral anti-Christ attacks have been launched. The United States of America is the first country in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD that under the direction of then President Obama legalized same sex marriage. Now in just a few short years it has become normalized and if you believe the Bible when it states marriage should be between one man and one woman you are characterized as being homophobic and subject to ridicule, disdain, and criminal penalties.

The acceptance of Pedophilia had to be next. Too many people are engaging in it and too much money is being made by those who would sell innocent children for sex for it to remain hidden in the black web. The lusts of demented people know no bounds.

I found this comment made by a person who viewed the video to be quite interesting:

“Pedophilia will be the next thing liberal women march for. Mainstream media will demand we use PC about it, Starbucks will install small chairs for Uncle and Me dates and Target will set up “Very Private” Dressing Rooms. We haven’t seen the depths of liberal sickness yet.”

Another viewer stated that they felt that rules should apply to pedophiles attacking a child that are similar to a dog that attacks a child. It should result in the perpetrator being “put down” via euthanasia.

But those who work for the dark side are slick. They are represented by a pretty woman talking in a soothing voice as she calmly attempts to justify sexual craving for sex with a child (by a 50 year old man) as being normal. And further we should sympathize with them because they are just doing what comes natural to them.

It is a sad commentary on just how degenerate societies are evolving. I read one comment from a lady who said, I have yet to protest anything. However, if this ever becomes an issue up for vote/up for consideration, I will launch the biggest protest in history with an emphasis in “salting the earth”. This in no way should ever be tolerated on any level.”

Huh? Someone needs to tell this lady that this perversion is happening “right now.”We are tolerating it. My question is what are we waiting for? A “Pro-choice” organization named NARAL is working daily, not just for unrestricted abortion worldwide, but to make pedophilia legal, calling it a “man-boy” attraction. Do we want to wait until they finally get it on the ballot fully supported by Hollywood, the mainstream media,, Media Matters, and the progressive elites?

There are organizations like the Jesus Alliance that are fighting to expose the rape of innocent children daily. And I can tell you after years of research, child rape is not limited to children 6-12 years of age, pedophiles are raping children beginning at the infant level TODAY. Many children are also literally being tortured to death in addition to being raped. It’s a fact and you can believe it!

Children are our heritage from the Lord God Almighty! Share this post, pray, donate money, volunteer, do something to stop the beast that lives within these monsters!


What you do next makes a difference . . .

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