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Steven Richardson – The Lord’s Round Table

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Steven Richardson’s early life was admittedly crazy. He started taking drugs in his sophomore year of high school. He continued that lifestyle into and through the military as well as two failed marriages. The next 13 years he spent on a Harley Davidson living for wine, women, and drugs. It was in that lifestyle that he acquired a cocaine habit and a lot of enemies to the point that he knew something had to change dramatically. Ironically, Steve was befriended by the Christian parents of his drug dealer. The couple took him in like he was family and introduced him to Jesus Christ and His church. Prior to meeting them, Steve really didn’t know much about God or Jesus. He just knew something had to change in his life and soon. Then, one night shortly after midnight, he began praying and suddenly fell on the floor and cried out to God, “I don’t know who you are, but if you are who they say you, are I need you in my life.” When he got up off the floor, his cocaine habit was miraculously completely gone, and he was a changed man.

Today, Steve is a Christian truck driver and has been for a little over 30 years. He saw some good and a lot of the bad and the ugly of the trucking industry and it broke his heart. He felt terrible for the drivers, many of whom did not have Jesus in their lives and had experienced ugly divorces, with many addicted to sex, booze, and drugs resulting in loneliness and despair. His life was going great, but his counterparts were suffering. Two years ago, the Lord stirred his spirit and put it on his heart that truck drivers need a place to go to get away from the things of the world and be able to experience the peace of God… A place where drivers could hear personal testimonies like his own, good preaching, and receive discipleship, as well as experience good fellowship with fellow truck drivers. The Lord put it on his heart to call it, The Lord’s Round Table. A place where truckers could come and sit at The Lord’s Round Table to be encouraged.

Semi Truck

Since December 9, 2017, they have shared the gospel of Jesus Christ to 3,276 listeners through their call-in ministry alone. Five other ministries dealing with truck drivers have since joined Steve’s ministry and are now using the name, Christian Trucker’s Network for which he currently serves as President.

Steve did not have much money to put into this effort, but he didn’t allow that to slow him down. Every aspect of this ministry is done out of the bunk area of Steve’s 2016 Peterbilt truck, including the broadcasting. The calls are made as truckers roll down the highways all over the country. Truckers can listen as they drive along and call in and ask questions.

The ministry expanded to attend truckers’ trade shows where they rent booths at the Iowa 80 truck show that over 40,000 people pass through, and the Mid-America truck show in Kentucky that over 70,000 people attend. They hand out Bibles and take advantage of the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with their fellow truckers at these events.

On the horizon is their next innovation. It is called Mobile l Chapel. The Lord has provided them with a 40foot semi-trailer that has been converted into a chapel. It’s equipped with a generator that provides electricity complete with heat and air conditioning. The idea is to travel to truck stops and utilize the portable chapel to minister to drivers and also to serve as a first responder’s resource with Samaritan’s Purse. They’re just waiting for the semi-truck to pull it, and Steve has no doubt that the Lord will provide one soon.

If you are a truck driver or know someone that is, please let them know about Steve’s ministry. Steve can be reached by phone @ 440-541-1042, email PrayerNetwork1355@Gmail.com, or follow The Lord’s Roundtable on Facebook. Pray for them, donate, volunteer, or start your own ministry using the platform that God has afforded you. God Bless You.


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