Boat Named “Amen” Saves Two Teens Pulled Out to Sea

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A miraculous story is coming out of northern Florida this week after what could have been a tragedy ended up in a miracle.

According to CBS affiliate WBNS, two teenagers — a boy and a girl — recently found themselves in a life or death situation when they were swimming off the coast of Vilano Beach near St. Augustine and a riptide pulled them out to sea.

After nearly two hours of treading water and nearly two miles offshore, they called out to God for a miracle.

“I cried out, ‘if you really do have a plan for us, like, come on. Just bring something!'” Tyler Smith called out as he and Heather Brown struggled to keep their heads above water.

And that’s when God, in His great mercy, sent a miracle in the form of a boat passing within shouting distance.

The boat’s name was “Amen.” It was being piloted by Eric Wagner, a New Jersey man taking a trip down to South Florida.

Amen Boat

“The first words that came out of my mouth were, ‘God is real,” Brown said.

Wagner shared his account of the amazing encounter on Facebook, calling it a “most unbelievable day.”

Despite the sea being rough that day, Wagner decided to go out anyway. Even over the sound of the wind and the loud noise of the laboring engines, his crew heard “a desperate scream” for help and spotted “an arm flail over the swells” 200 yards behind them.

When they swung the “Amen” around to pick the teens up, they had to be pulled into the boat because they “were too weak to climb the swim deck ladder.”

“Both were shivering and pale; his lips were white,” Wagner wrote. “She was lucid; he seemed to be struggling to answer our questions but coherent.”

Smith told Wagner that “no matter what direction they swam, they kept going out” and he “called out for God’s help” when they were “exhausted and near the end.”

“I told them the name of the vessel; that’s when they started to cry.”

“The young couple was gracious and grateful to us and to God. It was the latter all along,” Wagner concluded.

After he and Brown were transferred to a rescue ship and brought to shore, Smith said, “There’s no other reason, no other explanation in the world other than God.”

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