Needserv is the service arm of the Jesus Alliance; an alliance of partners making a difference through collaboration to meet the needs in their communities during ‘Blue Sky’ and ‘Grey Sky’ seasons

Needserv is the outcome of the merging of three organizations…The Provisions Project, Wings of the Spirit, and All IN. Over the past five years we have collectively been meeting needs and building partnerships with churches, non-profits, and government entities across America to support their efforts in transforming communities. We are 570,000 followers strong and through our needserv platform have:


Your Mission is our Mission. We come along side and support your efforts. To do this, we want to partner with two types of organizations: Those identifying needs in their communities and those who step up to help those who need it most just like Jesus did. Our needserv app serves as a conduit that connects those who want to help and don’t know how with those who need the help and don’t know where to find it. Our built-in audience of FB followers and established partners willing to step in and help allows for a support system to work in tandem with any organization who has unmet needs.


The needserv software allows for information-sharing in a revolutionary way during every day outreach and times of disaster. Partners utilizing the app can communicate, collaborate, share resources, and work in union for the benefit of their communities. It is a ‘marketplace’ format connecting those with unique skills, resources, and gifts with those who have specific needs.
  • The needserv app allows our partners to communicate to volunteers/donors who are specifically interested in their type of mission since we capture volunteer skills & giftings in their personalized user profile
  • Organizations can have their own public or private channels to post their needs and coordinate donations and volunteers
  • Partners have access to our 570K+ Facebook followers that instantly provide a large audience for their message and needs
  • The technology’s geo-location functionality helps connect volunteers to needs in their geographic areas
  • Because of the base of users in the app, needs are met more quickly utilizing and maximizing volunteer support and shared resources

To become a partner, contact Annette Girman