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Featured Difference Maker: Tanya Crevier

It’s always amazing to me to discover highly effective ministries that are making a difference in our world and delve into the people who founded them, and Tanya Crevier is no exception. Over the past 35 years she has offered her testimony to an astounding one million children plus and more than a million inmates in personal appearances in over 2,000 schools and 1500 prison ministry events, domestic and international. She also performs at various churches and events and anywhere else her tremendous talent at handling basketballs and juggling have opened doors. She developed her ministry which she calls: “Enthusiastic – Spintacular Basketball Show” and anyone who sees it is absolutely amazed.

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Featured Difference Maker: James and Sarah Cammilleri

It’s amazing how a gentle nudging from the Lord, combined with the willingness to respond, can result in thousands of lives being deeply impacted for the Kingdom. A moment in June 2015 plunged James and Sarah Cammilleri into dedicating their lives to stimulating hope and fighting hunger throughout the most remote parts of Haiti. All that it took was the simple answer of “Yes” to slingshot a transformative movement called Elevating Christian Ministries that is forever changing the lives of people on a small island in the Caribbean.

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Evangelist Alveda King: Prolife Leaders Outcry Against Abortion Scourge Mounts in Open Letters to President Trump

The following is submitted by Evangelist Alveda King via Christian Newswire:

As Executive Director of Civil Rights for the Unborn (CRU) we as a team are urging concerned citizens to pray and act by contacting our President and all governmental leaders regarding the current state of unbridled abortion that is threatening to overtake our nation. With Governor Cuomo’s recent act against the sanctity of the life and human rights of the unborn, we are all facing imminent danger.

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Our weekly Difference Maker feature is here to fill your spirit with hope by highlighting the good work your brothers and sisters in Christ are doing. These are ordinary people doing extraordinary things for Christ. Call on them, donate, share their work, or add them to your prayers to support their mission. And, if you know a Difference Maker that we should highlight, email us here.