Author: Bob Williamson

Giving credit where it’s due

Lately several readers who know I’m a Georgia Bulldog fan have sent me ROLL TIDE! Salutations as they cheer on their University of Alabama football team. Unfortunately for them they got trounced last night 44-16 just like my beloved DAWGS got trounced out of the playoffs a couple of weeks ago.

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When the fish don’t bite

I went fishing yesterday and the weather was predicted to be nice. It wasn’t! It was cold, foggy and later in the day quite breezy. The seas were rough, and I was fishing with a friend in his boat which was too small for such rough seas. Thus, we banged around out there for several hours and only caught a couple of fish.

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I read an article this morning about a homeless man who found $17,000 in a bag outside a homeless shelter. The shelter hadn’t opened yet, so he waited until it did and then he gave the bag to the volunteer who was opening up for the day telling him that he found the bag full of money outside the door and someone had left it for them.

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Shifting sands

Many of my friends harassed me throughout the summer about the heat and humidity at my home in south Florida. They bragged about their mountain views, cool evenings, and crackling fires and asked if I was sweating. It seems that now the temperatures are dropping fast up north, and they are suddenly singing a (shivering) different tune as I enjoy near perfect weather.

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The real tragedy revealed

Recently I called a Christian friend and inquired if he could ask his foreman to make a few calls and see if he could help me find someone to clean up the hurricane damage at my plantation. I had one tree down and some limbs and debris that needed to be cleaned up.

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