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Featured Difference Maker: Raymond Hall

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things for Christ

Raymond Hall retired from his job at the Kennedy Space Center when he was 60 years old. He made a visit to a local prison with a group of other people and he noticed something that would soon change his life; the jail had no wholesome reading material for the inmates. Soon after that, while sitting on his back porch, Ray received a word from the Lord that he was to bring westerns to the local jail in Brevard County, Florida.

Featured Difference Maker: Jack Murphy

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things for Christ

One of the most interesting characters you are likely to ever meet is Jack Roland Murphy, aka: “Murf the Surf.” He is charismatic, articulate, has a keen intellect, and can keep you spellbound for hours with his fascinating true-life adventures. His life began in a good home with loving parents and it became obvious from a young age that he was overloaded with natural God-given gifts.

Featured Difference Maker: Richard Albertson

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things for Christ

During the past two decades, Richard and Elizabeth Albertson, through their highly effective ministry Live the Life, have helped well over one hundred thousand people with their marriages in their home state of Florida. Today, this ministry is still passionate about teaching couples relationship skills through its Florida headquarters in Tallahassee and five regional offices in Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Panama City, Sarasota/Bradenton, and West Palm Beach.

Featured Difference Maker: Nancy Alcorn

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things for Christ

Several years ago, upon meeting native Tennessean, Nancy Alcorn Founder and President of Mercy Multiplied, (formerly Mercy Ministries), I was struck by her gracious, humble demeanor, and gentle southern accent that revealed her native Tennessee roots. When I asked her to tell me more about her ministry, her demeanor suddenly changed and with eyes blazing it became obvious that Nancy Alcorn is on a mission and she isn’t taking prisoners!

Featured Difference Maker: Tanya Crevier

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things for Christ

It’s always amazing to me to discover highly effective ministries that are making a difference in our world and delve into the people who founded them, and Tanya Crevier is no exception. Over the past 35 years she has offered her testimony to an astounding one million children plus and more than a million inmates in personal appearances in over 2,000 schools and 1500 prison ministry events, domestic and international. She also performs at various churches and events and anywhere else her tremendous talent at handling basketballs and juggling have opened doors. She developed her ministry which she calls: “Enthusiastic – Spintacular Basketball Show” and anyone who sees it is absolutely amazed.

Featured Difference Maker: Steven Richardson

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things for Christ

Steven Richardson’s early life was admittedly crazy. He started taking drugs in his sophomore year of high school. He continued that lifestyle into and through the military as well as two failed marriages. The next 13 years he spent on a Harley Davidson living for wine, women, and drugs. It was in that lifestyle that he acquired a cocaine habit and a lot of enemies to the point that he knew something had to change dramatically.


Our weekly Difference Maker feature is here to fill your spirit with hope by highlighting the good work your brothers and sisters in Christ are doing. These are ordinary people doing extraordinary things for Christ. Call on them, donate, share their work, or add them to your prayers to support their mission. And, if you know a Difference Maker that we should highlight, email us here.