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A miraculous story is coming out of northern Florida this week after what could have been a tragedy ended up in a miracle. According to CBS affiliate WBNS, two teenagers — a boy and a girl — recently found themselves in a life or death situation when they were swimming off the coast of Vilano Beach near St. Augustine and a riptide pulled them out to sea.

Saturday my wife and I went to “the Send,” a major stadium Christian event in Orlando FL. Over 90,000 people registered for this event of prayer, worship, and preaching the Gospel and 59,000 showed up with thousands more viewing livestreaming. Their overriding message was the same as the Jesus Alliance, If Christians want to pray for awakening and revival, then they need to actually go out into the world and get to work.

My wife and I spend time praying together every day. One day I’ll lead the prayer and the next day it is her turn. She did not enter this project willingly. This is not to say that she didn’t pray before, but it is to say that she is most uncomfortable praying out loud, (She is shy beyond the pale and despises publically speaking in front of anyone to include me who has been married to her for 44 years).

Prayer is the most powerful tool in our arsenal and can be performed by anyone, anytime, anywhere. When the Jesus Alliance was in its infancy, a man in England, who was unaware of the Jesus Alliance, got in touch with our founder to deliver the following message that he received on June 13, 2015:

Charisma News shared an urgent email request this afternoon from Vice President Mike Pence who asked for believers across the nation to pray for missionary Andrew Brunson. The Turkish government moved the persecuted pastor from the jail cell to house arrest on Wednesday.

SUNDAY, JULY 1, 2018

America needs change. Yet the change we need does not come from Washington or Wall Street. It comes from God. It begins with God’s people praying to Him for the change we need:


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