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Giving Tuesday Campaign

We turned the tables this year. Instead of asking our followers and email list for much needed funding for the good of our own ministry on Giving Tuesday (May 5, 2020), we went to social media to search for and give to those in need during these unprecedented times.

The idea was formed when an anonymous donor pledged $2,000 to bless ten people. Leading up to Giving Tuesday, dozens of people from across the country entered the giveaway and submitted their needs to our NeedServ platform, which included things like groceries, help with bills, etc. As the entries came in and we shared updates with our mailing list, our constituents were moved and more funding poured in to allow us to bless nearly every person who submitted a need during this campaign.

Giving Tuesday Campaign


  • 31 people were blessed with $200 each from our Giving Tuesday Campaign
  • Most will use these funds for groceries, utility bill payments, and items for their children
  • We are connecting local churches with the 31 recipients for follow up and prayer

350,000 Pounds of Food Distributed

New Orleans chef Amy Sims introduced the Jesus Alliance to Rich’s, a Food Product Provider, wanting to help during the Covid-19 pandemic. We joined forces with them to facilitate distribution of much needed food items to partners across the country such asfood banks, soup kitchens and churches serving hot meals. So far, we have been able to move over 20,000 cases (350,000 pounds) of high quality frozen foods into the right hands of those who are feeding our most vulnerable during this time. These items have included breads, dinner rolls, croissant & pizza dough, pastry items, desserts, pasta and meatballs and are being provided free of charge with free delivery.

As our immediate Covid-19 response efforts wrap up, we have been in communication with Rich’s about long-term partnership to help vulnerable populations year round, not just in times of disaster or crisis. Annette Girman, VP of Community Relations said “Crisis is personal…many are dealing with crisis daily. Disasters such as pandemics exacerbate a family’s situation causing greater uncertainty. The relationship with Rich’s allows for much-needed food items to continue to be a constant to those helping on the front lines of food-insecurity. We are grateful for Amy and the connection she has provided for us and are blessed to be a part of such selfless commitment on the part of Rich’s and their team. They have been wonderful to work with”.

There were two heartwarming stories that really stood out from our discussions with the recipients that showed us how people are an example of Christ:

Sonia’s Story:  Sonia shared that her husband is disabled and the funds will help her to bless her family with clothes for her children and Father’s Day gifts for her dad and husband.  She shared a story with us…Many years ago, Sonia was taking the garbage out and found an envelope on the ground.  As she opened it, she found it contained several-thousand dollars.  She brought it to the police station, but after a few weeks with no coming to claim it they released the money to her. Sonia could have used that money but felt God leading her to give it to a homeless single mom she knew of. Years later, the woman called Sonia to tell her that what she did that day gave her a new lease on life…the single mom turned her life around and went on to law school to give her kids a better life.  Sonia firmly believes that God blessed her with a wonderful husband and kids because of her selfless act that day. God is good!

Estela’s Story: Estela shared that she provides supportive services and Intensive Case Management Services (ICMS) to previously homeless seniors that are now housed.  Her work involves on-site help for the seniors through maintaining their housing and teaching them to become self-sufficient. These services include, but are not limited to, assistance with independent living skills, social support, budgeting and money management, individualized service planning, linkage to health care providers, mental health services, substance use disorder services, information and referrals, and navigation of accessing community resources. Estela has six ‘zero income’ clients who receive a $25 monthly food card. The $200 Estela receives will be selflessly used to purchase six Kroger Food Cards to give to the clients to allow them to buy more groceries.  Thank you for being an example of Christ, Estela.

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Giving Tuesday Giveaway


New App Brings Hope

April 2020

The Jesus Alliance announced today the completion of its merger with Needserv Ministries and the launch of a Progressive Web Application built to allow churches and organizations the ability to collect and meet the needs of those within their community. The project has been years in the making and was set to launch next month but was moved up because of the global Covid-19 crisis.

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A conduit for help opens opportunity to love & serve

April 2020

As the number of people infected with the coronavirus continues to surge in the U.S. and worldwide, two ministries recently merged to launch a new app that gives churches the ability to see the needs in their communities.

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