Disaster Relief initiative

The Jesus Alliance has a tremendous amount of experience providing resources to stabilize individuals and families devastated by disaster

Our initial work as an organization sought to meet the physical needs of those impacted by disasters such as floods and hurricanes. Disasters often compound the burden of poverty, worsen food insecurity, and increase homelessness within impacted communities. The partnerships developed during our initial disaster response efforts later afforded us the opportunity to produce a greater impact within the communities in which we serve.

During Covid-19 it took multiple partners coming together to successfully distribute more than 350,000 lbs of food across the country in 60 days to areas hit hardest by unemployment due to COVID. This same model recently yielded success during our Hurricane Laura response efforts in Louisiana. Since 2016 we have (1) Served more than 58,000 meals to those in need, (2) Distributed more than 650,000 lbs of non-perishable food and water, (3) Distributed over 10,000 mattresses and bedding, (4) Distributed 80,000lbs of clothing and 300 children’s coats, (5) 30,000 meals and more than 200,000 drinks were distributed in Louisiana during 2020 in response to Hurricanes Laura and Delta.

We do serve nationally and internationally, but other specific work in the Louisiana area, as an example, includes: (1) Long-term recovery efforts returned 98% of survivors impacted by the 2016 Baton Rouge flood to safe, habitable housing, (2) Partnered with LA Governor’s Office to provide supplies after Hurricanes Harvey and Florence, (3) Partnered with Pinnacle Search and Rescue to aid in rescue efforts following multiple storms, (4) Partnered with New Orleans Chef’s to send thousands of hot meals to storm victims during the very active 2020 hurricane season.

Many of the community partners we have today are the result of this work. The Jesus Alliance is more than an organization; we are a collective of like-hearted partners that work together to accomplish our common goals . . . to get our fellow human beings on a better path in life. There will be many partners involved within our work in this area that demonstrate the depth and breadth of our network. Each partner has experience, resources, and relationships they are willing to bring to bear to positively impact communities. The Lord has opened doors to these amazing partnerships. We have witnessed the Holy Spirit’s presence in the midst of such devastation when on the ground working with these partners. We are blessed that the Lord has allowed us to have such impact and be a part of the restoration of His people. It’s truly being the church as Jesus intended it and as He laid out in Luke: (1) meeting people where they are to serve needs, (2) fellowshipping with them, (3) ministering to them, (4) proclaiming the Gospel.

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