Why Give?

The Jesus Alliance has financial needs just like any other ministry. Of paramount importance right now is the need to fund our global Communications Project for Christ.

Producing the high quality messaging that is necessary to have the desired impact and then distributing it free of charge all over the world is expensive; however we serve a mighty God and nothing is too big for Him. God will bless the project and those of you who make it all possible.

Our goal is to be a united voice for all Christians around the world, working together to combat the countless anti-faith messages that are bombarding us daily.  Only by working together can we change the culture.  Future generations need us! Together we can make a difference and change the world’s opinion of:

  • God
  • The body of believers (God’s bride the Church)
  • The Holy Bible
  • And most importantly we can help countless lost souls around the globe to establish a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Jesus Alliance is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity.

You can set your donation up as a recurring gift on a variety of credit cards or make a onetime donation below. To join this effort go to this link: