Has God given you a topic, message, or great idea on how to share it with His people? We would love to hear it! All submissions are reviewed, prayed through, and scored based on the criteria below.

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When approving projects we consider the following, (to the extent possible):

  • Which subjects would Jesus select?
  • What would He say about the subject?
  • How would He present the subject to the world?

Each project is scored in multiple areas on a scale of 1-5. Top scores averaged by the committee will determine the best submissions. A subset of items scored is listed below:

_____ If Jesus Himself would analyze it, would He approve and provide His wholehearted endorsement?

_____ Courageous – speaks the truth and not what is necessarily politically correct

_____ Has a biblical (Scriptural) foundation

_____ Encourages and does not tear down

_____ Demonstrates the eternal fruit of the spirit: Love, Peace, Joy, and Hope

_____ Relevant to today’s world (speaks to life challenges)

_____ Loving, uplifting, offering Love, Mercy and Compassion – Nature of Jesus

_____ Approaches divisive issues with grace, love AND truth

_____ Points to a positive image of what “can be” with Jesus in our lives.

_____ Shows that our faith is beautiful, relevant, and attractive

_____ Does not focus on the sin or sinner, but on grace and forgiveness

_____ Speaks into life challenges

_____ Goes on offense instead of defense

_____ Meets people where they are (a world full of broken people).

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