Louisiana Hurricane – Phase II (Recovery)

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January 2021 – Canvassing Neighborhoods

The Jesus Alliance has an ongoing partnership with SWLA Responds and The Pocket Testament League. Most recently, the goal was to canvas neighborhoods still recovering from the destruction caused by several hurricanes during the 2020 season, assess needs, and pray.

Here’s a beautiful recap from SWLA Responds:

The idea of going door to door in neighborhoods can be daunting. Having something in your hand to offer can make that process so much easier. Because of your involvement, we were able to reach several communities with the eternal hope that comes only from the Word AND with the opportunity for tangible help provided by the body of Christ.

During this process we met John. John is 84 years old and is an absolute go-getter. He enjoys taking on projects and working around his home but his body won’t quite cooperate anymore. John’s roof, like so many in Lake Charles, was seriously compromised during Hurricanes Laura and Delta and caused interior water damage to his home. John was ready to work and purchased the materials needed to make repairs but quickly found out that he wasn’t physically able to accomplish the job. Well, while we were walking, one of our coalition pastors met John. They gave him one of the bags you guys provided and it gave John access to God’s word and to the kind of physical help he was needing.
We also met Tara. Tara is disabled and has a disabled child. Tara’s home is in decent shape (repairs have begun) but she was in need of prayer. We had the amazing opportunity to pray over her and her child and bless their home. Sometimes encounters like this bless us as much as we bless the people we are praying for!

I find it so interesting that the front cover of the Gospel of John you provided says “Finding Hope.” Hope is something the people of Lake Charles need right now, and HOPE is what you guys are helping to provide. Thank you so much for your involvement.

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Louisiana Hurricane - Phase II (Recovery)
Louisiana Hurricane - Phase II (Recovery)