TODAY, in the next 24 hours . . . 13 Christians will die, 12 Christians will be unjustly arrested, detained or imprisoned, and five believers will be kidnapped

Just because they follow Jesus.

According to the World Watch List published by Open Doors in 2021, more than 340 million Christians this year are facing high levels of persecution for their faith. That is more people than the entire population of the United States! Persecution against Christians has risen for 15 consecutive years.

Christians are being slaughtered all across Africa, they are being taken to concentration camps in North Korea and thousands of churches have been brutally shut down under a new wave of persecution in China. Of course, most Americans have never heard about any of this because the mainstream media won’t cover it.

Please help the Jesus Alliance’s Every Church Initiative combat these startling numbers. We facilitate the adoption of persecuted churches around the world by churches here in the United States. For a total Kingdom investment of $250, individual donors and/or churches make it possible for the persecuted church to receive a pocket LightStream media device that we pre-load with hundreds of hours of curated gospel content in the persecuted church’s heart language. This is a huge blessing because the LightStreams arrive with extensive Christian content where government restrictions often censor out this type of content. The Jesus Alliance-provided LightStreams often include devotionals, discipleship training, all of the Alpha Courses in their heart language, and the entire CRU’s film library, including the Jesus Film in over 1800 languages, in addition to two years of both Old and New Testament seminary courses by Third Millennium Seminary. Each pocket LightStream acts as a cellular hot spot, able to copy content on church member’s phones without ever going on the internet. They even operate without power with an optional solar charging pad.

The adoption invariably empowers a Holy Spirit bond between the persecuted pastor and the Western pastor and their congregations, as the persecuted church is strengthened, prayed for, and loved in the name of Jesus Christ.

This year, In 2021, persecution is at its highest rate in modern history

We never ask the persecuted church to pay for anything, it comes as a loving gift from The Jesus Alliance and the Western local church. All we ever ask of the persecuted church is to pray for revival for the Western Church.

Our goal is to send 700 Lightstream units to persecuted churches.

Jesus Alliance connects the local church to a persecuted church abroad
Local church sponsors a Lightstream device that securely distributes gospel content in the persecuted church’s native language
Jesus Alliance facilitates ongoing communication between the churches (including translation services as necessary)
Local church meets the needs of the persecuted to grow and plant new churches abroad while the persecuted pray for the American church


Below is a growing list of resources and content that has been made available to us, in hundreds of languages.

CRUThe Jesus FilmThe Jesus Film is the visual Gospel taken from the book of Luke. It is especially helpful for laying the foundation of the Gospel story where the story of Jesus has never before been heard. The film is also broken up into segments which can be shared from phone to phone.1816 Languages
LUMOVisual representation of 4 GospelsLumo is a new, high-quality visual translation of the Gospels developed to engage people with Scripture. The film is word-for-word the Gospels and is available for Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John. New translations are constantly being released. The film is broken up into chapters which can be shared from phone to phone. More Information: https://lumoproject.com/850 Languages
CRUMagdalenaFilm for Women193 Languages
CRUJesus Film for ChildrenAn adaptation of the Jesus Film for children.174 Languages
CRUThe Gospel of JohnWord-for-word the book of John. Made more recently and good for a modernized, urban audience. The film is broken up into segments which can be shared from phone to phone.17 Languages
CRUThe SaviorA Middle-Eastern made film of the life of Jesus which clearly explains the Gospel story, especially for an audience from that part of the world. Originally filmed in Arabic. The film is also broken up into segments which can be shared from phone to phone.30 Languages
Mars Hill ProductionsThe Hope FilmThe story of redemption, from Genesis to the coming of Jesus and looking forward to His return. A good chronological Bible & Gospel overview.32 Languages
CRUMore Than Dreams6 dramatized short films of testimonies of people having dreams and visions of Jesus.17 Languages
CRUGod Provides6 powerful short films of stories from the Bible: “Abraham and Isaac”, “Abrams’s Reward”, “Widow and Oil”, “The Rich Man and Lazarus”, “Lifted Up”, & “Jeremiah’s Call”.24 Languages
CRUThe StoryAnimated video explaining the Gospel, starting with creation. Good for more modernized regions. Also available in The Story app found in the app store.20 Languages