Our NeedServ app serves as a conduit that connects those who want to help but don’t know how with those who need help and don’t know where to find it. Working as an alliance, we partner with local churches, businesses, and nonprofits to meet the needs of PEOPLE within their communities.

We partner with groups that have needs, and we have a
following of people who want to fulfill needs.

Partners who Enter Needs, Volunteer Partners who Fulfill Needs

2020 Campaign

A Partnership with the Saturate Atlanta Metro Movement

The Jesus Alliance is part of a movement to build a coalition of churches to share the gospel and meet the needs of 1.7 million households across 129 zip codes in Metro Atlanta. How will we do that?
650+ Churches adopt
1.7M Households for prayer & gospel saturation
Saturate USA provides Christian Literature & Media for door hangers
Jesus Alliance provides need entry cards so families can submit needs
NeedServ app connects the local church to serve the families in need

Help us equip the local church to meet local needs and share the Gospel.