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What is Intersectionality?

What is Intersectionality?   Intersectionality is the newest fad in political activism. What is it? Who's involved? And, what does it even mean? Nobody is better prepared to answer these questions than Daily Wire editor-in-chief and podcast sensation, Ben...

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Trumping Trump

Trumping Trump As anticipated the investigative report coming from the IG confirmed that the F.B.I. and Justice Departments are corrupt at the highest levels. Many conservatives leapt for joy yesterday when the report was released. It confirmed what everyone who even...

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Ending it all doesn’t end it all

Ending it all doesn’t end it all I was praying the other day and spent much of my time thanking God profusely for allowing me to live in the United States. Though she has many problems, our country is still the best place on the planet to live. I’ve seen that...

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Formula for success

Formula for success Years ago I was interviewed by Entrepreneur magazine and was asked, what is the formula to success? Off the top of my head I mentioned three things, but regret that I did not tell them four. The three things were as follows: 1. One must have a...

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