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$17,000 I read an article this morning about a homeless man who found $17,000 in a bag outside a homeless shelter. The shelter hadn’t opened yet, so he waited until it did and then he gave the bag to the volunteer who was opening up for the day telling him that he...

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I say use the “Nuclear Option”

I say use the “Nuclear Option” My wife and I spend time praying together every day. One day I’ll lead the prayer and the next day it is her turn. She did not enter this project willingly. This is not to say that she didn’t pray before, but it is to say that she is...

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Shifting sands

Shifting sands Many of my friends harassed me throughout the summer about the heat and humidity at my home in south Florida. They bragged about their mountain views, cool evenings, and crackling fires and asked if I was sweating. It seems that now the temperatures are...

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