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Who can we trust?

  Who can we trust?   I was appalled yesterday to learn that the state of Pennsylvania has investigated and found over 1000 children, mainly boys, that have been sexually abused by Catholic priests. 300 priests have been implicated, but many have either...

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Underserved begets deserved

  Underserved begets deserved   Thanks to my many friends who have written to tell me that they have been praying for my vision. My doctor told me that my eye operation which was performed yesterday at 6 a.m. went flawlessly; however, it could be several...

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How Do We Pray?

How Do We Pray? Many today have become complaisant in their prayers. Just praying endless lists of prayer targets and requests, none of which have been inspired or desired by God. Do we just pray through these spiritless petitions of our own agendas or those someone...

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