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The cries of the harvesters

The cries of the harvesters A movie producer friend of mine who sits on the Jesus Alliance board is involved with an ongoing effort to stop child rape and human trafficking. He has teamed with an individual who has been working to stop this tragedy for over 3 decades....

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Nicest thing anyone ever told me

  Nicest thing anyone ever told me   My best friend and hunting partner who has been battling cancer for a very long time and has been in the hospital for over a month sent me a deeply touching text at 12:30 a.m. this morning. I teared up as I read what he...

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Who can we trust?

  Who can we trust?   I was appalled yesterday to learn that the state of Pennsylvania has investigated and found over 1000 children, mainly boys, that have been sexually abused by Catholic priests. 300 priests have been implicated, but many have either...

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