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February 6, 2021

Hurricanes Laura and Dorian wreaked havoc on Lake Charles, Louisiana in 2020. As of mid-February 2021, restore efforts are moving slowly as long-term recovery groups are just now forming and case management of the affected homes has not begun. It was the joint effort of SWLA Responds and The Sound Church who organized the “Let’s Get Sweet on SW Louisiana” Serve Day on February 6, 2021. It was a wonderful way to support and pray over our neighbors and this community.

The day encompassed home repair, distribution of much needed items, and the serving of hot meals. Fifteen Churches, four organizations, and 113 volunteers came together to serve on Saturday, February 6th. The Jesus Alliance was on the ground at one of the two distribution sites to support their efforts with the handing out of care packages and providing prayer. Through our partner network, we were able to resource Bombas socks, paper goods, cleaning supplies, bedding, pillows, and a wonderful cooking team who served hot meals. At the time of this report, we have a truck ready to send to SWLA Responds loaded with mattresses, insulation, home furnishings, plumbing supplies, bathtubs, appliances, and vinyl siding to aid them in their long-term recovery efforts.

All involved, we served 304 families, 550 meals and distributed 205 Pieces of furniture, 455 info care packets and emptied the arsenal of personal care kits, toys, and cleaning kits! This was a wonderful way to have one-on-one communication with the residents of this community; to pray with and love on them. We meet the physical to meet the spiritual! We feel our efforts are not complete unless we share Jesus with those we serve. The Gospels of John further that mission.

Louisiana Hurricane - Phase II (Recovery)
Louisiana Hurricane - Phase II (Recovery)
Louisiana Hurricane - Phase II (Recovery)
We would like to thank SWLA Responds, Houston Responds and the Sound Church for their efforts in putting this successful day together. We would also like to give special thanks to our partners who equipped us with such amazing resources so that we could help the people of SWLA…

  • FEMA provided connections to resources
  • Good360 provided connections to resources and the truckload of much items for home rebuilds
  • Pocket Testament League provided the Gospels of John for the Care Packets
  • Trinity Anglican Outreach Crisis Team provided Hot Meals, paper goods and baby items
  • Urban Outreach: NOLA provided socks
  • Rouse’s Market provided the reusable bags needed for the distribution kits
  • Amy Sins – Langlois/Chefs Brigade provided connections to resources
  • Hollander provided pillows
  • DSC Society of St. Vincent De Paul -USA provided funding for sheets and blankets

This is the way we positively impact communities…by coming together to each do our part to meet the physical needs while sharing the love of Jesus.

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